Carbon Express driver Todd Stine of Altoona, Pa. was 1 of 32 finalists out of over 2000 drivers across the country to compete to become one of the new ATA America's Road Team Captains. On Sunday January 6, 2013, Todd went to Washington DC and on Monday and Tuesday he was interviewed, gave a speech, and participated in a mock media interview. On Tuesday evening, Steve Rush, Ty Gonabe, and I drove to Washington in support of Todd and attended the Congressional Reception and Dinner where they would announce the new Road Team Captains for 2013 / 2014. The affair was held on Capitol Hill in the Sam Rayburn House Office Building. A virtual who's-Who of the American Trucking Industry attended the festivities. As you can see from the attached photos, Todd was selected along with 18 other drivers to be an ATA Road Team Captain for the next 2 years.

At the reception before the dinner announcing the winners, I had the opportunity to talk with a number of the other 31 drivers in the competition and some of the people who were working with Todd during the previous 2 days in the selection process. Every single one I talked to had nothing but good things to say about how Todd presented himself before the judges and other competitors, from those conversations I had a sense that Todd would be selected to the team. To give you an idea of Todd's presentation, as most Carbon Express employees know, Todd volunteers to coach at the Special Olympics, and at the end of Todd's speech before the judges, Todd related how during a race at the Special Olympics, if one of the competitors falls down, all the other racers stop, help that competitor back up and they all cross the finish line together. Todd said he wanted to be on America's Road Team so that he could help other drivers who might fall and have everyone cross the finish line together. The genuine, giving nature of Todd's personality brought down the house. After a statement like that, the other 31 competitors for the Road Team didn't stand a chance of keeping Todd from being one of the new Road Team Captains.

To give you an idea of how good the drivers are that were selected to this year's Road Team, collectively they 453 years of driving experience and 30.1 million accident free miles. We can all be proud to have Todd not only representing Carbon Express, but the whole trucking transportation industry. Todd remains in DC until Saturday for additional training and for the next 2 years about 1 week per month, Todd will be traveling around the country, to speak at schools, seminars, and various ATA functions. Even after his 2 year term expires Todd will continue to travel and perhaps even become a mentor for the next group of candidates in 2015. So the next time you see Todd, be sure to congratulate him for this great honor.